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一、The product description:
Profiled fiber products is based on user requirements, use of casual cotton filter by wet vacuum forming by drying and roasting is made after the bulk density, specifications, models, performance, mixed a variety of fiber products. Because there is excellent production equipment and raw materials, guarantee a stable product that can satisfy the user a variety of complex thermal requirements of each product also as fine arts and crafts.

Excellent compressive strength, flexural strength, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, dimensional accuracy, high heating, cooling rapidly, anti-air erosion, resistance to acute thermal quenching

Various sectors of the hot side of thermal equipment, special parts, burner tiles, observation hole, heating element bracket, riser, flow tank, masonry walls, the hanging roof, and replace imports of foreign high-grade refractory materials.

四、Product parameter
Model JH-1000 JH-1260 JH-1400 JH-1600 JH-1700
1000 1260 1400 1600 1700
Bulk density(Kg/m3) 300-600 300-600 300-600 300-600 300-600
Reheating linear shrinkage(%) (800x24h)1.5 (1050x24h)1.2 (1200x24h)1.2 (1500x6h)<1 (1600x6h)<1
Chemical composition Al2O3 35 42 49 69 83
Al2O3+SiO2 >96.0 >98 >99 >99.5 99.8
Fe2O3 0.2 0.2 0.2 ~ ~

Note: The technical data is determined by the testing standards used were, on average, will fluctuate within a certain range, the data do not represent the product quality assurance data.

五、Product Common Specifications

According to the user to map, or by my company for custom designed.
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