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Polycrystalline mullite fiber veneer blocks


Veneer block the installation site

一、the product description:

Veneer block is from polycrystalline mullite fiber by special process finishing cutting, compression formed. with excellent elasticity and flexibility, the maximum temperature up to 1600 ℃. They oxidizing atmosphere, the neutral atmosphere or a partial  reduction atmosphere, the long-term bear this temperature, still maintain their original toughness, strength, flexibility and fiber structure, and non-residue ball, can be used by a variety of high-temperature industrial furnaces hot face lining paste, has a special significant insulation performance and is the crystallization of high-tech industrialization.

Low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, good sound-absorbing properties, heat-reflective high-performance, uniform fiber diameter, excellent chemical stability, anti-air scour

Heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, door, lid closed

四、Product parameter:

Model Classification Temperature AL3O2 SIO2 Bulk densitykg/m3 Thermal conductivity(
Reheating linear shrinkage Fiber diameter Heat Melting
JH-1700 1700℃ 95% 5% 100 1000-0.226
1600×6H<1% 3-5 1024kj/kg.k 1840℃
JH-1600 1600℃ 72-75% 25-28% 100 1000-0.226
1500×6H<1% 3-5 1024kj/kg.k 1840℃

Note: The technical data is determined by the testing standards used were, on average, will fluctuate within a certain range, the data do not represent the product quality assurance data.

五、Product Common Specifications:

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