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一、the product description:
Fibreboard plus inorganic binder with loose cotton wet vacuum filter pressure forming, according to different models of high temperature calcination treatment, the product also has excellent low-bulk density, high strength characteristics, is a multi-purpose product, can be applied to in the lining hot face against the direct impact of flames and hot air.

High-temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, thermal shock, anti-corrosion, easy processing and cutting performance, precise thickness and size, good resistance to flame and flow erosion, and installation and use.

Can be applied also asked tough, since the load-bearing and insulation of the field, it has good resistance to mechanical damage properties. Areas include: push board kiln, ladle furnace, Bell kiln, tunnel kiln, roller kiln, aluminum melting furnace, heat treatment furnace and other insulation lining and back lining; high-temperature fire-boards; kiln car insulation; a variety of high-temperature industrial furnace furnace insulation.

四、Product parameter
Model JH-1000 JH-1260 JH-1400 JH-1600 JH-1800
Classification Temperature℃ 1000 1260 1400 1600 1800
Bulk density(Kg/m3) 300-600 300-600 300-600 300-600 300-600
Reheating linear shrinkage(%) (800x24h)<1 (1050x24h)<1 (1200x24h)<1 (1500x6h)<1 (1600x6h)<1
Chemical composition Al2O3 38 42 50 68 85
Al2O3+SiO2 96.0 98 99 99.5 99.8
Fe2O3 0.2 0.2 0.2 ~ ~

Note: The technical data is determined by the testing standards used were, on average, will fluctuate within a certain range, the data do not represent the product quality assurance data.

五、Product Common Specifications:

900x600x(25-150)mm   1000x600x(25-150)mm
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