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Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber

Ò»¡¢Product Description£º
      Polycrystalline mullite fiber (PMF), JH polycrystalline alumina fiber is currently at home and abroad ultra-lightweight high-temperature fire-resistant fiber, the whole system Al2O3-SiO2 ceramic fibers in two different products, using temperature 1500-1700 degrees, higher than the glassy fiber 200 - 400 degrees. It can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, chemicals, aerospace and other high-temperature industrial furnaces and other thermal equipment, lined with insulation. In order to achieve energy efficiency increase, extend furnace life, the purpose of improving the working environment. Appearance white, smooth, soft, flexible, just like cotton.

      Polycrystalline mullite fiber is a unique order exists in the form of Mullite phase polycrystalline refractory fibers, manufacturing process complicated, high technology, in foreign countries and only a few developed countries to produce this product, such as the United States The silicon carbide company, Britains ICI (ICI) and Japan, and Germany, several different companies. Polycrystalline mullite fiber and glass fiber has a very different state of the system to take technology, it is the use of chemical "colloid Law" Preparation, and is based on the formation of single crystal mullite (Al2O3, SiO2) chemical formula, chemical composition yes: AL2O3 72%, SiO2 28%.
The principle is soluble aluminum, silicon made with a certain viscosity of colloidal solution, using conventional methods of liquid silk rejection, and then by high-temperature heat treatment to complete crystalline phase transition, obtained mullite fiber. The obtained fiber cotton (bulk) can be used for high-temperature parts of sandwich filler, will loose cotton wet vacuum forming can be obtained PMF fiber series of varieties, such as panels, carpet, brick, marked differences prefabricated parts, modules, combined components.
      Polycrystalline alumina fibers are relative to the main form of corundum crystal fibers, which use the same chemical "colloidal method" system check, the manufacturing process more complicated
Chemical composition is: AL2O395%, SiO25%. The obtained fiber cotton (bulk) can be used wet shape the way the vacuum produced plates, slabs, standard prefabricated components such as iso.

Èý¡¢Product Common Specifications
      5/10/20kg / piece

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