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Ò»¡¢The product description:

High temperature adhesives are designed for fiber products and for the bond between the veneer pieces affixed to the furnace furnace wall design prepared, but also be used as a furnace wall of masonry. JH-01-and JH-02-type were two kinds of acid and alkaline liquid inorganic adhesive, adhesive matrix for the heavy material, it is desirable use JH-01 type, bonding matrix for the fiber material, it is desirable choice JH -02 type, use first aggregate (refractory clay) joined, and mixing evenly, can be shaped into a paste. JH-03-and JH-04-type were the two high-temperature acidic and alkaline slurry binder, the use of mud when you can stir evenly. JH curing agent is an enhanced composite fiber surface coating,Can improve fiber heat resistance and anti-erosion properties, smear on the fiber surface by high-temperature sintering, the coating can withstand 80-90m / s airflow erosion.

High load softening temperature of the high temperature bonding strength, curing time is short, low porosity, drying and baking a small contraction
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