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一、The product description:
Taking up casual cotton fiber paper as the main raw material, add a small amount of inorganic or organic binding agent, made by wet forming process refining its precision manufacturing techniques to ensure a uniform and strict control of the proliferation of fiber thickness and density. With a high temperature, heat shock resistance, chemical corrosion, low thermal conductivity, high temperature insulating properties. Can be hand-held transportation, construction is convenient and suitable for deep processing.

Low thermal conductivity, thermal shock, high-strength tear resistance, high flexibility, good insulation, low slag ball content

Expansion joints furnace door and the sealing material, equipment and electrical heating devices, insulation materials, thermal insulation, high temperature gasket, auto muffler, exhaust pipe silencer insulation materials, decorative glass-making models, all kinds of industrial furnace and ladle, casting barrels, invasive high-temperature insulation materials outlet, asbestos substitute

四、Product parameter

Model JH-1000 JH-1260 JH-1400 JH-1600
Classification Temperature() 1000 1260 1400 1600
Bulk density(Kg/m3) 180-220 180-220 180-220 180-220
Reheating linear shrinkage(%) (800x24h)<2.5 (1000x24h)<2.0 (1000x24h)<2.5 (1500x6h)<2.0
Organic matter content(%) <10 <8 <8 <8

Note: The technical data is determined by the testing standards used were, on average, will fluctuate within a certain range, the data do not represent the product quality assurance data.

五、Product Common Specifications:

30000x610x1/2mm      10000x610x3/5mm
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